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Hello everyone! Basic social rules apply here, and the moderation follows up on each report. Every rule violation can end up in an account suspension.

– In particular, all forms of transphobia, misogyny, homophobia, racism, fat-shaming, ableism, engaging in harrasment, insults, etc are strictly prohibited, and will be dealt with in due course. There is no tolerance on shit like this, accounts are suspended without talking, period.

– wasn’t designed for sensitive militant operations. Such operations shouldn’t be discussed here, and on any other social network.

– Our servers are under French jurisdiction. French laws do apply here. Illegal content will be deleted, and may lead to an account suspension.

– Porn is allowed, with NSFW tag on. Porn without that tag will be deleted.

– Content Warning HAS to be used for the following :
* violence (text and medias)
* stories including *phobias (text and medias)
* sexual content (text and medias)
Please remember to use the NSFW tags for all of the above, are medias are displayed enven with Content Warning on.

– Parody accounts are allowed, and are advised to specify that they are as such in their description or name.