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The community of this instance focuses primarily on technology, especially IT, DevOps, and Programming. We mostly run a clean community, and do now allow NSFW content.

Our Code of Conduct
– No discrimination. We’re all people here, there is no reason to discriminate against anyone because of their age, gender, sexual identity, or race.
– Swearing is allowed, but don’t be excessively vulgar just for the sake of being vulgar.
– No illegal activities, this include piracy, doxing, DDoSing, etc. Please do not discuss committing these acts, or information for others to do it.
– No links to malicious software. This goes hand in hand with the last guideline, but doing this will result in immediate account termination.
– Be kind to others, and understand that not everyone is a professional. People make mistakes and we all learn something new every day. We try to promote learning here, and teaching someone else something new can feel really great, give it a try!