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== Contacts ==

Fell free to contact me (through or for any instance related issue.

== Rules ==

Here are the house rules:
* No harassing other people;
* No posting NSFW content or spoilers without using the Content Warning feature;
* No posting illegal content which can get you or me in trouble (this content will be removed if necessary, you may or may not be banned);
* Parody accounts are permitted (and encouraged!), but it’s suggested (not required) that such is stated in the bio.

Just be a good human being™.

== Location and jurisdiction ==

Currently, the infrastructure which supports this instance is hosted in the United States (Kansas City, Missouri), although there are medium term plans to migrate it to some European location.

I am not based on the United States, so I may be more or less free from harassment from US law enforcement. Keep in mind that they should be able to shut the instance down and eavesdrop on communications and data without even warning me.

== Federation ==

For transparency reasons,here’s a list of instances we don’t federate with:
* we currently don’t block any instance

== Donations ==

If you want to help with hosting costs, feel free to donate through:
* Bitcoin: 1ESdVqpycpQoXjdzjnW7Q9GpVr2ehT9mCy;
* PayPal:

Thanks, and see you around. Have fun!