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What’s a Moosetodonian?

Official Moosetodonians are people from this local instance who are recognized for their contributions to the community. We recognize monetary donations, code contributions, and community participation and support.

Supporting This Instance is a personally created and funded instance. Your generous donations help support the costs of operating and developing new features, which are growing with the size of our local community. Continued donations as small as $3-5 will help ensure the longevity of our instance.

Fosspay (official) (alt.)
Bitcoin: 39gkNYdkm1u2kUqpkFFAtbjJ4c9MRjvnE5
A shout-out to Cloud-A Computing for discounting some of the raw infrastructure required to run this community project! It wouldn’t be possible without you.

Code of Conduct

This instance is for people interacting with other people. Please no corporate shills and direct advertisement. You’ll get yourself banned real fast.

Make use of Content Warnings & NSFW tags for appropriate content. Do not mis-use hashtags, they’re not for promoting your products or photography in #introduction or #mastodon.

No hate speech (contributing or inciting), death threats, illegal activity, link & local stream spamming, etc.

Bots must respect the #nobot hashtag

Admin swings ban hammer, rulings final.