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Welcome to your new Mastodon home ! feels like a small town, but one ultra connected to the world. We have a broad view of the fediverse on our federated timeline, and a small cosy local timeline.

As a general instance, we are not centered on a specific theme, or a specific language. Everyone is welcome as long as they follow the few rules we have.

We always run the latest stable version of mastodon, providing you a stock experience, with the following modifications:
– 1024 character limit ( not 500 ).
– more search results ( 20 instead of 5 per type of search ).
– text search of status ( not restricted to only searching tags and users ).
– reboost and replies are shown in the timelines ( more complete view for everyone ).
– Your account is also a XMPP account ( Federated Instant Messaging, take a look at google to find a client and use your username and password to configure it ). Woohoo two services in one !
– home of federationbot, the one that allows us to have that awesome view of the federation !

We also have a very good view of the federation ( our federated timeline gives you a more broad view of the Mastodon network than a ‘normal’ instance, there’s a lot to read in a lot of languages ).
Although we are a medium+ sized instance, we’d like to keep the feeling that you are at home and safe here. Never hesitate to contact the admin team if you have any questions !

Check us out or check our FAQ at !