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This is a small instance who welcomes new users. People who are especially welcome are kind-hearted and have high social intelligence. I want Mastodon.Observer to be a place to discuss and share current affairs. But in addition to this I’d like to see people be friendly and supportive of one another. Trolls or people who ~might~ be trolls will be dealt with swiftly. I believe in the paradox of tolerance that intolerant people should not be treated with tolerance. Therefore you will find me intolerant of intolerant people. Seriously support one another and share information.

For sharing news articles, try to give a summary hashtag of the general topic. In addition, including author and source in hashtags will make things indexable. I also like to include “#Greylist” or “#Blacklist” hashtags if I think a source is shady. You can block all shady sources by blocking these hashtags!

Please use content warnings and follow the code of conduct. Otherwise, have fun. Les francophones sont encouragés à se joindre Moi, je parle un peu de français. French and other languages are welcome as well.