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Welcome on !

Let me introduce myself !

I’m Skid, the admin, a french tech enthusiast and sysadmin. I run a french web site and other things if you’re interested.
Why should you sign up on ?

At the moment … you can’t o/

This instance is running on a little VPS hosted by OVH in Strasbourg.

It has 1 vCPU of a Intel Xeon E5
2Go of ram
10 Go of SSD
100mbps bandwith

This instance is IPv6 compatible, has good HTTPS parameters, is following good security practices, has a good uptime is focused on speed and will be updated regularly, it’s always running the latest stable version.
Rules :

• Don’t flood
• Respect each other
• I (the admin) support freedom of speech, so I won’t block accounts or instances unless there is a good reason (like a legal one)
• Use NSFW tags for NSFW content 🔞
• Use content warning for spoilers
• Bots are allowed only I they don’t spam toots and don’t post a lot of pictures
• Any language is allowed 🌎
• Have fun 🎉

Feel free to block or mute whoever you want.

If you can, donate to the main dev, he is the one making the hard work for Mastodon : Gargron’s Patreon

If you can’t help financially, don’t worry ! Just talk about Mastodon around you, help the new users, and toot every day !

Thank you, and happy tooting!