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The idea behind Chitter is to provide a safe and private space for friends and mutuals to interact with each other away from the mainstream social network ‘Twitter’. Violet is in charge of maintaining the hosting for the site keeping everything online, and also the graphic design work/choices.

Codl is the site’s technician providing user support if something doesn’t work properly, Codl is also in charge of the site’s framework providing new features and updates, Bug also works in these fields too, as well as working as one of the site’s friendly administrators, responding to report tickets and keeping everything under control.

The rules are pretty simple: be friendly to other users of this instance.

Transphobia, racism or any other forms of abuse is not tolerated at all here and will result in your account getting banned and removed.

NSFW/Adult content is permitted, please be sure to collapse your post using spoilers first though. Illegal adult content is strictly prohibited and will result in a warning before having your account banned if you continue to post said content.

If you spot any federation bots from other instances following you, please use the report function to report them.